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Print Media Advertisement

News Paper Advertising
Magazine Advertising

Print ads refer to commercials that are printed in hard copy in periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and journals) that your target market is likely to read.


By purchasing an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper with a large readership, you raise the possibility that you will connect with a large audience.

Electronic Media Advertising

TV Advertising
Radio Advertising
Cinema Advertising

Online advertising that uses electronic media. There are many additional outlets in the electronic advertising world as well, like streaming radio and podcasts.
Electronic Media Advertising is most cost-effective to reach a target demographic.


Electronic advertising plays a crucial role in helping firms reach their target audience in a way that is more economical in recent years.

Outdoor Advertisement

Advertising on Hoardings & Sky Walks
Adverting on Bus Shelters

Advertising on BMTC & KSRTC Bus

Advertising on Passenger Auto - Mobile Van

Advertising in Single Screen Theater & Multiplex (PVR / INOX / Cine Polis)

Outdoor advertising is effective at promoting your product in particular geographical areas. While small-business owners can greatly benefit from billboards, bus branding, and transit advertising, every good outdoor campaign starts with the signage at your own location. A potential customer frequently notices your exterior sign first. Your sign should be sufficiently informative to let potential buyers know what is sold there and sufficiently bright and noticeable to draw attention


Outdoor advertisements work best when placed close to the advertised business. Advertising on buses and taxis reaches a large audience, especially commuters, thanks to the transit system. Your advertisement is quite noticeable, and studies on the effectiveness of transit advertising confirm this.

Digital Marketing

Google Ads

The promotion of brands to engage with potential customers over the internet and other digital communication channels is known as “digital marketing,” sometimes known as “online marketing.” This comprises text and multimedia messages as well as email, social media, and web-based advertising as a marketing channel. In essence, a marketing effort is digital marketing if it uses digital communication.


Utilizing a digital marketing strategy enables you to engage with current clients and potential prospects by using digital channels including social media, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and email marketing. Therefore, you can increase brand recognition, give excellent customer service, attract new clients, and more.


Marketing Services

We recognise that the public is enamoured with events and gatherings that feature celebrity appearances, fashion shows, product launches, corporate shows, and award celebrations. We provide these services to the best of our ability and ensure success across the programme line.

  • Company Inaugurations
  • Corporate Show
  • Award Functions


A fantastic technique to increase interest in your event and create lasting memories for that occasion is to invite celebrities from various fields of interest as special guests or judges.

At Peepal Ads , we are thinkers, storytellers and decision makers in end-to-end advertising media that scales performance and powerful web presence. We are focused on empowering businesses through the harmony of innovative advertisements and effective promotional plans.


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